Taccia Small Aluminum LED Table Lamp

by Flos


The Castiglioni brothers often created designs that challenged our perspective, and the Taccia lamp, which gives the illusion of an upside-down hanging lamp, is an inspired example of that.

This new, smaller version is approximately half the size of the original design created in 1962. It has a painted aluminum reflector that is gloss white on the inside and matte white on the outside. The diffuser is transparent blown glass and can change direction. The body is available in matte black or naturally anodized extruded aluminum. The base is nickel-plated ABS and PC (polycarbonate). It features an electric cable that measures 190-centimeters and includes a dimmer switch on the cord. Light adjustment can be customized between 10-100%. The plug-in power supply includes interchangeable plugs. 

Inspiration behind the design: Using a minimailist approach, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni used perspective to change the way we see everyday objects.



LED Bulb is included.