Bok Dining Table

by Ethnicraft


The Oak Bok Dining Table is a special piece amongst other bare oak furniture by Ethnicraft. All are impressive displays of woodwork, but the lightly paneled legs, the raised edges, and the tri-lineated joints create a curvaceous appearance that hardens as the details become clear. The Oak Bok Table is a crafty surprise of masterful design.

Ethnicraft has been building contemporary classics for the last twenty years. Sustainably sourced solid oak lay the metaphorical foundation of pieces that are as enduring aesthetically as they are structural. In-house designer Alain Van Havre’s guiding artistic instinct of imbuing a bit of emotion and a bit of the "now" into a more minimal, universal piece is one that all the designers at Ethnicraft employ for great and varied effect. Natural warmth permeates everything Ethnicraft makes, and their unique blend of style and material makes their furniture a well-suited match for a wide range of furnishing styles.

Dimensions: 30" H
Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks