Madmen Stellar 9217 Blue Star Rug

by Louis De Poortere


The talented team at Louis De Poortere has crafted a magnificent rug that draws its inspiration from the vast universe, evoking dreams of adventure and escape. Within this awe-inspiring and enigmatic cosmos, the team discovered an endless wellspring of creativity. The Stellar Rug collection, a result of their ingenious craftsmanship, invites us on an extraordinary interstellar expedition. It captures the mesmerizing interplay of radiant flashes illuminating gaseous nebulae, unveiling the boundless expanse of the cosmos. The captivating amalgamation of contrasting colors within this collection beckons us towards thrilling escapades. Such is the essence of the Stellar Rug collection, an exquisite masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of exploration and wonder.

Product Details
Care Instructions

  • Construction: Mechanical Jacquard Flatweave with Hand-finished Detailing
  • Composition: 85% Cotton / 15% Polyester
  • Pile: Low / 0.12" Height
  • Backing: Natural Anti-slip Latex

Care Instructions: It is important for the lifespan of your carpet to vacuum your carpet from the day of purchase at least once per week. Do this preferably with an electrically driven brushing vacuum cleaner. A brushing vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt more effectively than a vacuum cleaner fitted with an adjustable floor tool.

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