Gus* is saving 1,894,547 recycled bottles in 2020

How can one manufacturer do this? By using proprietary PET Fill Upholstery.

What is “PET”?

PET refers to polyethylene terephthalate, a highly recyclable plastic resin and a form of polyester. Labeled with the #1 code on or near the bottom of bottles and containers, PET is frequently used to package a range of products including beverages, peanut butter, bakery goods, produce, frozen foods, salad dressings, cosmetics, and household cleaners. Prized for its strength, thermo-stability, and transparency, PET is a popular choice for packaging. PET also is inexpensive, lightweight, resealable, shatter-resistant, and recyclable.

After the packaging is used for its initial purpose, post-consumer PET material is collected through curbside recycling programs, or through other PET recycling programs designed to divert empty PET bottles at locations of high accumulation, such as large events.

PET bottles and containers are then pre-washed using steam and chemicals, and then ground into particles known as “flakes” (see image below). The flakes are then washed at high temperature, as well as with disinfectants and detergents to ensure a complete cleaning. After the completion of grinding, washing and separation, the material is rinsed to eliminate any remaining contaminants or cleaning agents. The recycled PET is then dried before reintroduction as a manufacturing material or before further processing.

What is “PET Fill”?

PET Fill refers to post consumer polyethylene terephthalate, that has been processed in such a way to create a synthetic-down upholstery. The flakes from the recycled PET (explained above) are shredded into partially processed fiber, and then to completely processed soft PET (see image below).

Why use PET Fill?

PET Fill is a clean, ultra soft, long-strand fiber material that offers the comfort n feel of traditional waterfowl down, achieved through a process that benefits the environment by diverting plastic bottles away from waterways and landfills. PET fill has undergone significant testing, and results show that the synthetic-down upholstery achieved from recycled PET plastics can give long-lasting comfort while maintaining cushion loft and shape. Lastly, PET Fill is hypo-allergenic

Who is using PET Fill?

Our friends at Gus* Modern have made significant strides to ensure they are a manufacturer of healthy, pro-plant furnishings and among their many initiatives (outlined in this blog post), they are a leader in using recycled PET Fill. 

In 2020, Gus* Modern is estimating that they will be able to save nearly 1,894,547 plastic bottles from entering waterways and landfills. The revolutionary PET Fill material is available in select sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs, listed below!

Aubrey Sofa

Carmel Slipcover Sofa

Flipside Sofabed 

Logan Sofa

Logan Bi-Sectional

Margot Sofa

Nexus Sectional

Parkdale Sofa

Parkdale Bi-Sectional

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