2021 Comfort Sleeper® Sale - 10% Off from March 5 to March 29

Life is beautiful. Also surprising and unpredictable. You never know what the doorbell will bring, but you can be ready for it. With timeless designs, exceptional construction and fully customizable finishes, the American Leather Comfort Sleeper is always ready when life unfolds. 

Click the "Read More" below to understand why Consumer's Digest rated the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather "the standard by which other sleepers are measured".
no bars. no springs. pure comfort.


And to help with those surprising and unpredictable times, you will receive 10% off on your purchase of an American Leather Sleeper, between the dates of March 5th and March 29th. Schedule your visit today.

Check out some of our favorite styles below!

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Good mix of Scandinavian and modern furniture.  Best furniture store in the Baltimore Washington area that I have found.


The best in Baltimore if you are looking for original and great designer furniture. The team is very nice!


Karen and the crew are always so great...Really great product and wonderful support through the process.


No one has a better selection of high-quality, durable, and contemporary furniture like Design Distillery.